Budget – Revenue and Expenditure Analysis..

The Budget for year 2017-18 projects a total shortfall of Rs 5.5 lakh crore with total expenditure projected at Rs 21.5 lakh crore against receipt (excluding states’ share) of Rs 16 lakh crore . A look at the different components of the budget.
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Understanding India’s Insurance Sector..

The cabinet approval for listing of five general insurance company is a smart move which would not only mop up some money for the government but also pave the way for listing of LIC, the insurance behemoth. Further, this would bring about greater transparency and visibility to their operations. Despite having total investments of nearly Rs 27 lakh crore, almost one-fourth the size of entire banking industry, sector’s financial details receives very low attention in the mainstream media. A brief look at aggregate indicators of the sector.
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Demonetisation – How does it affect government finances..??

While the nation adjusts to the new normal arising out of the historic demonetization and debates its merit/demerit, it also has another important fall-out. The move can lead to huge bonanza for government in the form of sharp increase in the transfer from RBI. This would be equivalent to the amount of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes that does not come up for replacement. Let’s see how..

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Inland Waterways – Tapping the potential..

Maruti Suzuki has signed an agreement to transport cars from Varanasi to Kolkata, lapping up the opportunity to utilise inland waterways within the country. The development, seemingly small but one with a huge potential and like many other initiatives of the government, has the potential to change the landscape of goods transportation within the country. In fact, the ease of transportation and huge benefits arising out of it leaves one wondering why Waterways have not been developed so far..

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Ken Betwa river linking – A tough, ambitious project

Ken-Betwa river linking project is an ambitious project with considerable benefits so much so that Ms Uma Bharti, Union Water Resources Minister, threatened to go on hunger strike last month if the project is not cleared soon. The project, if successfully initiated, will pave the way for taking up many more such projects, crucial to meet country’s irrigation needs and change the face of Indian agriculture.

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Understanding GDP and GVA…

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released estimates for GDP for 2015-16 last week, which recorded growth of 7.6% (at constant prices), the best in four years. The quarterly number at 7.9% is second best in last eight quarters.

Real GDP (at 2011-12 prices) for FY16 is estimated at Rs 113.5 lakh crore, not an easy number to visualize. While this number is only about fifty times the sales of Reliance Industries, it must be noted that GDP is based on the value addition and not on sales which would be much less (may be about 15%) for RIL also. So, Indian GDP is made up of about 300 Reliance Industries..!

However, it is lot more complex than that simple comparison. Here is a brief attempt to explain GDP, GVA and other complex terminologies. Please open the PDF. GDP FY16


Tata Steel Corus buy – What went wrong…


After Struggling for nearly nine years with Corus, Tata Steel has finally called it quits. A sad event for sure, to end the audacious attempt by Mr Ratan Tata to take Tata Steel global. Continue reading “Tata Steel Corus buy – What went wrong…”