RCEP – Is India’s Stand Justified??

India’s decision to stay out of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) appears to be retrograde and protectionist. However, it is actually quite sensible decision and saves the country from getting into a potentially unfair deal as the dangers from the agreement are very high. Here is a look at the treaty and other issues related […]

Government Infrastructure Projects – An Overview..

Delay in infrastructure projects being undertaken by government agencies have always been a cause of serious concern and criticism especially as it leads to huge cost and time overruns. As per the latest government report for June’19, current cost overrun for about 1,600 infrastructure projects is estimated at close to Rs 4 lakh crore with […]

Annual Survey of Industries – Part II

Recap – As per MOSPI survey, there are a total of 2.37 lakh factories in the country with Rs 44.7 lakh crore of capital invested (2017-18). Gross value added (GVA) by these factories was Rs 14.7 lakh crore from their operations. Continue reading “Annual Survey of Industries – Part II”

Annual Survey of Industries – Part I

The provisional data of annual survey of industries for the year FY18 released a few weeks back paints a reasonable view of the sector. The industries recorded reasonable increase in profits and more importantly, managed to bring down their debt, most essential in the current context of high level of debt and NPAs. The survey […]

Analyzing RBI’s Monetary Policy & Growth Environment

Despite the monetary policy committee’s (MPC) decision to cut repo rate by 25 basis points, market reacted negatively and the reason is not far to seek. RBI has cut its GDP growth projection for FY20 sharply by 80 basis points (bps). Growth for the year now is projected at 6.1%, much lower than the growth of 6.8% achieved in FY19. So, what drives MPC’s decision? Here is a brief analysis of monetary policy. Continue reading “Analyzing RBI’s Monetary Policy & Growth Environment”

Urban Co-operative Banks – Analyzing the Crisis…

Restriction of operations at Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative (PMC) bank by RBI brings urban cooperative banks again into prominence and again, for a wrong reason. The governance issues cited by RBI put a serious question mark on the operations of the entire segment and necessitate an overhaul of the sector. Here is a look at the issues affecting urban cooperative banks and forward path. Continue reading “Urban Co-operative Banks – Analyzing the Crisis…”

Corporate Governance – Where is India Inc Headed??

India Inc is facing a crisis of confidence with unraveling of cases of frauds committed by the top management in the recent past. The latest in the list is allegations of siphoning of funds by the ex-chairman of CG Power, banned by SEBI from capital market yesterday. Cases are not restricted to willful default where lenders’ money is at stake but siphoning of company funds or cases of inter-corporate collusion. So, has the corporate India suddenly become so corrupt or there is more to it than that? Here is a look at the recent developments and the outlook. Continue reading “Corporate Governance – Where is India Inc Headed??”

Global Trade Overview

The increasing trade tension has taken its toll on the global trade as its growth fell sharply in 2018, as per the WTO report. More importantly, trade in the first quarter of 2019 has recorded a decline for the major countries as per the initial figures which means 2019, as a whole could be much […]
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