Analysing RBI’s Instruments for "Liquidity Management"

Among the points of contention between RBI and the government is market liquidity condition. While RBI says that there is enough liquidity in the market, government is not sure of that. Both have a point there. The enormity of the issue is evident from the fact that during September month alone, RBI transacted close to […]

Operationalizing Brexit – What is at Stake??

The process of withdrawal of United Kingdom from European Union has gained momentum with release of draft agreement about a week back. As per the current legal statute, UK would be out of EU on 29th March 19 and both the parties have to enter into a deal before that to avoid disruption to businesses […]

GDP, Sept 18 – Analyzing the Performance

After hitting a high of 8.2% in June 18 quarter (Q1’FY19), GDP growth has slowed to 7.1% in Sept’18 quarter (Q2’19) as per the data released by MOSPI today. GVA growth rate is also in the same line at 6.9% against 8.0% in Q1. Even though the rate has moderated over previous quarter, it is […]

Corporate Analysis – Hindalco Industries

Hindalco Industries registered consolidated revenue of Rs 1.16 lakh crore in FY18, almost the same as L&T and Tata Steel. However, company doesn’t have as much visibility as the other two, partially due to lower profitability of the business. Its net profit for the year was about Rs 6,000 crore against as high as Rs […]


Inland Waterways – Tapping the potential..

The laying of foundation stone for development of another inland waterway earlier this month brought little focus on the inland waterways transportation system. With nearly 14,500 km of waterways, roughly 5 times the length from North to South, these waterways can change the landscape of goods transportation within the country. In fact, the ease of transportation and […]

Tata Steel Corus buy – What went wrong…

After Struggling for about ten years with Corus, Tata Steel finally sold off a part of the business and started exploring a JV for the rest to reduce its losses. A sad event for sure, to end the audacious attempt by Mr Ratan Tata to take Tata Steel global.

Budget – Revenue and Expenditure Analysis..

The Budget for year 2017-18 projects a total shortfall of Rs 5.5 lakh crore with total expenditure projected at Rs 21.5 lakh crore against receipt (excluding states’ share) of Rs 16 lakh crore . A look at the different components of the budget.

Demonetisation – How does it affect government finances..??

While the nation adjusts to the new normal arising out of the historic demonetization and debates its merit/demerit, it also has another important fall-out. The move can lead to huge bonanza for government in the form of sharp increase in the transfer from RBI. This would be equivalent to the amount of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes […]

Ken Betwa river linking – A tough, ambitious project

Ken-Betwa river linking project is an ambitious project with considerable benefits so much so that Ms Uma Bharti, Union Water Resources Minister, threatened to go on hunger strike last month if the project is not cleared soon. The project, if successfully initiated, will pave the way for taking up many more such projects, crucial to meet country’s irrigation […]

Mauritius Treaty Amendment -A brief…

Mauritius has finally succumbed to continued pressure from India to amend the tax treaty and that must have been the result of some tough talk from the present government.

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