Is the Government Impinging on RBI’s Autonomy??

Comments by RBI deputy governor accusing the central government of impinging on the autonomy of central bank has generated strong ripples across the markets. The impact of his comments has been even greater as the market is already grappling with a liquidity freeze. However, the key point is, is government really interfering in the affairs […]


Analyzing Government Debt – Current and Historical perspective

Amidst the continuing liquidity crisis, NBFCs mismanagement and banks’ NPA woes, there is one trend that gives some reason to cheer. Total liabilities of the central government have come down to just about 50% of GDP at the end of FY18 as per RBI data. This is a substantial improvement from a high of 67% […]


Analyzing Corporate Bond Market

Evolution of corporate bond market in recent years is a defining development for the financial sector. This has resulted in sharp rise in outstanding corporate bonds which has gone up from just about Rs 50,000 crore in 2008 to over Rs 27 lakh crore by 2018. The development does not only provide cheaper financing to […]


Inland Waterways – Tapping the potential..

The laying of foundation stone for development of another inland waterway earlier this month brought little focus on the inland waterways transportation system. With nearly 14,500 km of waterways, roughly 5 times the length from North to South, these waterways can change the landscape of goods transportation within the country. In fact, the ease of transportation and […]

Income Inequality – India’s Performance

Income disparity seems to have become an unintended outcome of economic growth across the world, India being among the worst performer. As per the world inequality report 2018 released by World Inequality Lab, the share of top 10% earners in India has risen to about 55% in 2106 from just about 32% in 1990. The […]

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What ails NBFCs..?? (Part II)

While there was a crisis building up in terms of finding a borrower, there was also a crisis in terms of finding whom to borrow from! And probably this is a bigger reason for the current crisis then the first.The sector was marred by a number of frauds involving swindling of depositors’ funds during 1990s […]


What ails NBFCs..?? (Part I)

The default by IL&FS has created a storm in the market like not seen for a long time. Despite the swift and proactive decision by the government to take over the management of IL&FS, the issue has become a systemic crisis not only affecting the NFBC sector but to an extent, the entire financial sector. […]


Money Supply – Understanding the Different Forms

RBI’s monetary policy is dictated towards achieving a level of money supply which keeps inflation in check and still, leaves sufficient money to help economy grow. But there are different forms of money such as narrow money, broad money and reserve money. So, which form of money does the monetary policy control? And does that […]


Corporate Analysis – Tata Steel

Tata Steel has reported profit of about Rs 18,000 crore on consolidated revenue of over Rs 1.3 lakh crore in FY18. The performance is a strong revival for the company which had been making losses on its international businesses for several years. The company offers interesting management lessons, especially for young management professionals, not only […]



The word “inflation” came into limelight again last week with monetary policy announcement amidst the surge in crude prices. But to what extent crude affect domestic prices? Does it impact both WPI and CPI equally? What are the other drivers of prices? An attempt to understand inflation, its constituents and its drivers. There are two […]

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