Analyzing RBI’s Balance Sheet

Imagine Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was a corporate entity, sitting on a huge amount of cash. What would its shareholders do? Obviously, demand from the company management to return the cash to the shareholders as dividends. However, company management would be reluctant to do so, just in case there is an exigency. The current […]


Agriculture Distress – Challenges and Remedies…

The distress being faced by agriculture sector has become a part of the mainstream agenda and rightly so. Despite supporting almost half of India’s population, rural economy remains in dire state and policy initiatives have failed to provide any breakthrough. The report published by Swaminathan Committee more than ten years ago remains the most comprehensive […]


Wealth Inequality – Is There A Way Out??

While media continues celebrate wealth and growing number of millionaires, the income disparity across the world is getting worse. As per the Oxfam report released earlier this week, an astonishing 82% of total wealth created last year was cornered by the top 1% while the bottom half saw no increase at all. The increase, over […]

Public Sector Enterprises – Boon Or Bane..??

Recent announcement of listing of six more central public sector enterprises (PSEs) by the government brings some light to these companies. Even though PSEs are perceived as inefficient, loss making behemoth, large numbers of them are running very efficiently even after meeting many government socially driven norms and making substantial profits. This is also borne […]


Industry Analysis – Shipping

Shipping industry in India continues to face challenging times with seven of the 13 listed companies reporting losses as per the latest financials. The stress seems to have worsened with share of loss making companies in total sales rising from 38% in FY18 to 60% for H1’FY19. The trouble in the domestic industry is a […]


Highways Construction – Regaining the Momentum…

Construction of national highways seems to have made a comeback as per the performance details for 2018 released by the ministry recently. The sector had lost way sometime back when several companies failed to execute and surrendered their projects. The crisis even led to bankruptcy of some of the construction companies and several others referred […]


Financial Sector in India – An Overview (Part II)

NBFI comprises of All India financial institutions (AIFIs), Non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and primary dealers (PDs). AIFIs were established decades ago to meet long term financing needs of sectors such as agriculture, trade, housing and small industries. However, they institutions do not directly lend to consumers but provide finance to the institutions engaged in the respective […]


Corporate Analysis – Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd) acquired government’s majority stake in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) last year. The company, with consolidated revenue of Rs 3.6 lakh crore and assets of Rs 4.6 lakh crore in FY18, seems to have moved away from its original objective of oil exploration and production. Whether the diversification […]


Financial Sector in India – An Overview (Part I)

The financial sector in any economy is tasked with pooling together the savings from various segments of the economy and channeling it to other segments, largely for investment purpose. The efficient handling of this task of financial intermediation is critical to the growth of any economy. However, the structure of the sector has become complex […]


Industry Analysis – Automobile Industry

Automobile industry appears to be going through a challenging times over last few months impacted by the slowdown in NBFCs loan disbursal and certain other issues. If the trend persists, it could be one more setback for the industry already bracing to meet the BS VI norms from April’20. This is other than the potential […]

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