Modi’s Comeback! – The Economic Rationale…

NDA coalition led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an emphatic comeback after a bitterly fought and a vitriolic campaign! Despite the distress in rural economy, joblessness and disruptions caused due to various measures taken during the last five years, the nation has put back its faith in the government. So, how has Modi […]

Tata Steel – Understanding the Strategic Realignment

The decision to call-off the joint venture with ThyssenKrupp is quite a setback for Tata Steel trying to reduce its global exposure. Yet, it is an interesting phase for the company with series of developments reflecting the strategy shift. The focus is shifting back to domestic production in contrasts with the global expansion undertaken during […]

Weekly Round Up – Week 20

It was an eventful week with number of international news, most notably US China trade war, European Commission’s fine on banks for forex rate manipulation and Tata Steel-ThyssenKrupp calling-off their proposed JV. Domestically, WPI inflation for April at about 3% probably gives RBI room for further rate cuts. WPI inflation for the month of April […]


Index of Industrial Production (IIP) – FY19 Performance Analysis

Index of Industrial Production (IIP) recorded growth of 3.6% for the year ended March’19 as per the data released by MOSPI last week. The growth is markedly lower than average growth of 4.5% in the last two years. More worryingly, the performance for the last quarter has sharply come down to 0.5% from over 5% […]


Weekly Round Up – Week 19

The week was marked by release of NSSO report generating considerable debate on credibility of GDP data, important directions by the Supreme Court on cases related to real estate developers and results announcement by major banks. National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) report on service sector enterprises has generated serious debate on GDP figures. The 74th […]

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Understanding the Dynamics of Oil Market…

Oil prices continue to gyrate declining over last two weeks after rising by over 40% during Dec’18-April’19. Its movement before that too has been equally intriguing. While price appears to be stabilizing at this level, there is nothing to assure that it would not move, either ways. So what exactly is driving the oil market? […]


Least Developed Countries (LDCs) – An Overview..

Development of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and bringing them out of poverty remains a grave challenge for global agencies. Despite serious efforts being made to kick start their economies, the pace of progress remains insufficient. Even though social strife has affected growth in some of these countries, there are several others which are lagging purely […]


Weekly Round Up – Week 18

It was an eventful week with release of some annual economic data, series of adjudication by regulatory bodies and turmoil again in debt and MF market with downgrades of some debt papers of Reliance Capital and NCLAT decision.

Shell Companies – The Menace and The Modus Operandi

In its second attack on shell companies, government struck-off about 100,000 of them from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) register during FY19. In FY18, it had de-registered over 2.25 lakh such companies and disqualified over 3 lakh directors. Over 1.2 lakh of them are further facing scrutiny and may be removed during this year. […]

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