Weekly Round Up – Week 26

We are precisely in the middle of the year..! Time for everyone to take stock.. 🙂 
The weekly highlights are –

  • RBI releases its Bi-annual Financial Stability report. The report paints a mixed picture where even though the number of “weak” companies has come down, the risk to banking sector has increased. (More on this, in another piece).

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Weekly Round Up – Week 25


  • Britain wakes up to the news of ‘Brexit’ with a narrow 51.9 – 48.1% vote..! The exit, specially in the backdrop of polarized election campaign in the US, seems to indicate growing isolationism the world around, shrugging off the economic costs. Even though the Brits leave with an awareness of certain pain of departure, the pain could be more severe and last longer than being assumed. Markets across the world including India react with shock. Pound falls by more than 10% before recovering partially. British Prime Minister, a supporter of staying-in, says he would not be the right person to lead the country through this transition and would step down by October. The unsettling questions now is – Can this trigger further exits within EU. (More on this – https://indiaeconomyandbusiness.com/2016/06/22/brexit/)

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IMF World Economic Outlook, April'16. What is new…

The IMF projects a 0.2% downward revision for the world growth in 2016, which stands at 3.2% now. Almost all the major economies have witnessed a downward revision, except China for which there is 0.2% upward revision and India where there is no change. Beyond the numbers, key points of the 230 page report (equal to … Continue reading IMF World Economic Outlook, April'16. What is new…
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