Dear Friends, It may look inappropriate in some ways, but can’t stop myself from this self-congratulatory post… 🙂 I had written a post on Banks NPA a few days explaining the whole issue in a more holistic manner. The link is – https://indiaeconomyandbusiness.com/2016/04/27/bank-npa-2/ And a preliminary one – https://indiaeconomyandbusiness.com/2016/04/27/banks-npa/ The views were based on the little … Continue reading Hello…

Telecom Sector – Results and Beyond…

Bharti Airtel records marginal growth in profits of 3%. More importantly, the African business records substantial decrease in losses. It may be noted that that like other Indian companies’ overseas foray, Bharti had also faced rough weather in its African business which now finally seems to be coming on stream. The company has also announced … Continue reading Telecom Sector – Results and Beyond…

Weekly Round Up – Week 17

Results of Corporate India for quarter and year ended March’16 start coming in. The early trend in terms of core results appear quite decent, specially in  comparison to earlier quarters’ results. Further, there appears to be an effort to clean up the balance sheet by the companies, probably to act more aggressively, when the next up-cycle … Continue reading Weekly Round Up – Week 17

US Fed rate pause – The Rationale…

The US federal reserve (US Fed), the equivalent of India’ RBI, is responsible for maintaining economic stability in the US. However, its move is widely followed the world over because, as the old saying goes, “If the US Sneezes, the World catches a cold..”! In its latest meeting on 26-27th April, the FOMC (Federal Open Market … Continue reading US Fed rate pause – The Rationale…

Thank You…!

Dear Friends, We reach an important milestone of 500 Followers and Facebook “Likes” precisely a week, after we went live..!! Thank you all for your warm support and appreciation. Thanks also to all those who have helped me in building this site and in reaching out to other readers… 🙂 Would like to quote two of … Continue reading Thank You…!

Reliance Industries, Q 4'16 results..

Reliance Industries has posted another impressive results with 16% growth in consolidated profits for March’16 quarter, even though total income has decline by 11%. The income decline is on account of sharp decline in crude and product prices.However, the company has managed to protect its refining margins. The E & P (classified as Oil & Gas segment), recorded … Continue reading Reliance Industries, Q 4'16 results..

Weekly Round Up – Week 16

Major Events – IT Big 3 declare their results. (Infosys had declared previous week). TCS declared a better than expected profit growth of 64% for the quarter, whereas for Infosys, it was decent growth of 16%. Further, TCS and Infosys have projected strong outlook for FY17. However, Wipro recorded a modest growth of 2% (Operating … Continue reading Weekly Round Up – Week 16

सोना मुद्रीकरण योजना… (भाग 2)

ग्राहक को जमा करने की समय समय अवधि बतानी होगी. लंबी अवधि के लिए जमा करने पर ब्याज दर ज्यादा मिलेगा। वापसी के समय ग्राहक को सोना वापस मिल जाएगा और ब्याज की राशि नकद या सोने का भुगतान किया जा सकता है।योजना से प्राप्त हुए सोने को बैंक एमएमटीसी या किसी अन्य जौहरी को … Continue reading सोना मुद्रीकरण योजना… (भाग 2)

Gold Monetisation Scheme.. (Part II)

The customer has to specify the time period at the time of depositing with the deposit fetching higher rate for longer term deposit. At the time of withdrawal, the customer shall get back the same amount of gold and the interest amount may be paid in cash or gold. Gold received through the scheme can, then … Continue reading Gold Monetisation Scheme.. (Part II)

In Defense of Dr Rajan…!

It’s rather funny how words or phrases which essentially, are said in jest, get ballooned into controversy if said by the top leaders.  The “Andhon Me Kana Raja” phrase used by Dr Rajan is haunting the RBI Guv. To be honest, yes, the English translation, “one-eyed king in the land of the blind” does sound awkward. … Continue reading In Defense of Dr Rajan…!