The Year That was – Economy & Policy

The year 2020 is possibly the most horrible year since the end of second world war. The all-pervasive influence of the pandemic made the turbulence of last few years a breeze. However, that was not the only crisis India, as a nation had to face with China creating another trouble spot on the borders. Here is a look at some of the far-reaching events of the year. Continue reading The Year That was – Economy & Policy

Brexit – Understanding the Agreement

The announcement of the trade deal by EU and UK finally sets the terms of separation, four and half years after Britain voted to exit the European Union. The agreement was preceded by tough negotiations, threats of no-deal exit, change of governments, elections in UK and so on. Yet, the deal is unique as both parties have given each other privileges not given to any other country minimizing the economic impact of exit. That make it largely a political separation – “restoring UK’s national sovereignty”, as per the deal documents with core agreement running over 1,246 pages. Here is a look at some of the details. Continue reading Brexit – Understanding the Agreement

Food Processing Industry – An Overview

Covid-19 seems to have brought greater attention to food processing industry, with most of the population having increased their spending on the same. For the nation, the challenge was to produce enough to feed its people fifty years ago, the objective now is to help agri-producers move up the value chain. India, at the moment, … Continue reading Food Processing Industry – An Overview

State of the Economy – Analysing the Liquidity Condition

Indian economy, indeed, global economy is going through an extraordinary loose monetary policy phase to minimise the impact of Covid-19. While the policy hasn’t yet led to the intended outcome of higher borrowing, it certainly has led to sharp increase in market liquidity. This poses another set of risks, although not immediately. But what exactly … Continue reading State of the Economy – Analysing the Liquidity Condition

Analyzing RBI’s Balance Sheet

RBI’s balance sheet for the year 2019-20 (July’19-June’20) has expanded by massive 30%, the highest in possibly over a decade. However, it hasn’t happened because it made huge profits, which, anyway, it has to pass-on to central government as dividend. And it has also not happened because it has printed more currency notes, whose share … Continue reading Analyzing RBI’s Balance Sheet