Weekly Round Up – Week 31

  • Eight Core Industries have recorded growth of 5.2 % in June’16, a rebound from 2.8% growth in May. Its cumulative growth for Q1’FY17 stands at 5.4%, much higher than the growth of 2.5% in Q1’FY16. The growth remains constrained by performance of crude oil and natural gas which continue to record decline in production. The core sectors are the building blocks and provide input to the rest of the industrial sector and its improved growth indicates expected improvement in the performance of other segments also.

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The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code… (Part I)

The bill, passed by Lok Sabha earlier this week, is aimed at simplifying the complete process of closure and liquidation of a company which is unable to pay its dues. Other than improving the ease of doing business, it also aims to quicken the process of loan recovery for the creditors. The bill gives power to the … Continue reading The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code… (Part I)
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