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Welcome to India Economy & Business Analysis portal! The site has been founded by an IIT Roorkee – IIM Calcutta alumnus with over two decades of experience across Research and Industry. The portal is a unique venture to help you cut through the maze of information and give a crisp, precise, yet, simple and insightful analysis of recent events from the world of economy & business.

This learning is essential for you to create a niche for yourself in the corporate world and become a smarter professional. And if you are still studying or vying to enter a management/similar institute, I can bet, it solves all your dilemma on how to build an understanding of key economy and business developments and crack the interview!  (So, when the panel asks you how much does government spends through its annual budget or what has been achieved by GST, you won’t have to blurt some abstract jargon!).

I would also like to tell you that the portal was selected in the startup contest, “Smart fifty”, sponsored by the Government of India.

The portal comes with an annual subscription charge of Rs 349 per year, almost the price of a large pizza! And, if the choice falls between ‘food for thought’ or food for the body, I would say, buy this, just on time! And I can assure you, it is going to be learning of a lifetime.

The subscription will give you access to over 250 past articles also. The offer also give you 30 days money back guarantee. If you don’t feel the content is meeting its commitment, just write back. We will pay you back.

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